Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy Strawberry Moon!

There will be a full moon tonight -we won't necessarily see it, but it will be full. Each month's full moon actually has a name (if there happens to be two, the second one is called a 'blue moon'). June's full moon is The Strawberry Moon -AND today marks a full year for Sheep, Spinach and Strawberries! Wow, I think we should celebrate! A homemade strawberry shortcake like my grandma always made (click here) would be a great way -IF we had strawberries, which we don't, which is annoying. Anyway, I'm looking forward to another year here of food, farm and fiber -and sharing it with you!

Food -reading, writing and thinking about food, raising, sharing, cooking, and of course eating food. I can't help it, I think about food almost all the time: farm-raised, store-bought, home-cooked, potluck, take-out, the occasional fine dining restaurant experience, or the equally indulgent 'standing over the kitchen sink' experience; whatever the occasion (or non-occasion) might be -celebrations (click here) both big and small, the everyday family (or solitary) meals, new recipes from somewhere else in the world, old childhood favorite made by our mothers and grandmothers- I'm all about the food.

Farm -I refer to this outfit as my 'sexy green rubber rain suit' because it is SO NOT sexy. It is though, incredibly useful when doing daily farm chores in the pouring or drizzling rain, walking through waist high wet grass, weeding in the mud, wrestling with wet animals, and being nuzzled (affectionately or otherwise) by muddy little pig snouts. I would be rather cranky, and almost daily soaked, if I didn't have my sexy green suit to wear this time of year. Mid-June and it is raining (again) with the temperatures (mostly) hovering around 60 degrees. The season for daily salads from the garden is full on (hurray!), but the reality of us actually having our own strawberries at our table is still a few weeks off yet (sigh). The lambs, ducklings and chicks are all growing, the hens are laying (well, some of them are laying), the new little rabbits for breeding look promising, and the garden is (mostly) in and coming up. On the other hand, the weeds (I am seriously losing my battle with them), my TO-DO list, and my long list of 'works in progress' all keep growing at an alarming rate. I try and not let the fact that I will NEVER actually get caught up depress me too much.

Fiber -World Wide Knit in Public Day is next Saturday. I don't know if I will knit in public at The Seattle Center with the skg (click here), at a friend's house with a group of knitting friends, in the car driving along I-5 with my husband, or here at home with the farm animals -but I will knit! My niece Sherece took this photo of me back in November during our Crafts and Cocktails weekend (click here). She is one of those dedicated knitters who knits whenever she is not at work or sleeping -and this is no exaggeration! She was knitting during her younger brother's high school graduation ceremony last week. She also told me that when she went to the casinos in Las Vegas with her husband, she sat in the corner and knit while everyone else gambled (I laugh every time I think about it)! Though I have knit while attending meetings, the Farmer's Market, riding the ferry, waiting for and/or watching my kids at various activities -and last winter while everyone else went to the top of the space needle in Seattle- I am in an entirely different class of knitters than Sherece, the four 'knitwits' at Girls in Sheep Clothing (click here), and all the other REALLY AMAZING knitters that I know, and I'm OK with that!

Happy Strawberry Moon to everyone -and a big 'THANKS' to everyone who's stopped by here at Sheep, Spinach and Strawberries this past year!


  1. a big Congratulations on your 1 year blogging anniversary and I for one am thoroughly enjoying it, so thanks for sharing all you do!


    and I'll see you at Seattle Center if that is where you choose to knit this year for WWKIPD ~ at least 2 of the knitwits and possibly 3 will be joining the guild...fingers crossed for sunshine!!

  2. Happy blogging anniversary! I really love your green coat :D

  3. Happy blogversary! I enjoy reading your blog! :O) Lori

  4. Happy Bloggerversary. I love your blog and I really enjoyed this post. Would a green suit be excessive for just three hens? I am not looking forward to the cold wet weather and taking care of all my livestock! I will be very jealous when you get your strawberries, but right now I am dealing with a large glut of blackcurrants and raspberries...I will have to make plans for strawberries.

  5. As far as I am concerned, this blog is the coolest thing since sheered sheep!
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom, humor, intellect and charm in this way.

  6. You do such a great job with this blog Tamra! Honestly, I am impressed with how much you update and with all the great pictures.

    I said hi to the Strawberry Moon last night! I knew about Blue Moons and Harvest Moons, but I didn't know that they all had names!! You learned me something!

  7. Happy blog anniversary! I love your blog! Everything are beautiful :)

  8. Happy Happy Bloggerversary!! (someone better patent that word) I really love watching all the fun things you are doing, cooking or knitting or just being YOU!! Love you Sis, hope you had cake for your celebration!!?

  9. Thanks to everyone! I so appreciate your support and encouragement.