Monday, June 20, 2011

Simply Raw

Simply Raw. That's how these are best served. We drove into Seattle Friday to pick up these farmed Kusshi (center) and Kumamoto oysters directly from the seafood distributor (click here) in Seattle. They were fresher than fresh, and so worth the trip. These exquisite oysters, and the salad of perfect lettuces from our garden that we ate with them, both exemplify the reality that when food is REALLY, REALLY good, it is best to NOT do too much with it. Eat it, simply raw with a minimum of flavor distractions: the most simple of salad dressings for the lettuces, and maybe a squeeze of lemon or dash of Tabasco for the oysters, though I like perfect oysters on the half-shell the way I like whiskey -ice cold and straight. Words can't convey how amazing the buttery, clean briny flavor of these was, but the taste of them will stand out in my flavor memory for a long time.

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