Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I make TO-DO lists all the time. I diligently apply myself to accomplishing what's on these lists, and I do accomplish quite a bit really, but the truth is that I add tasks at a much more rapid pace than I accomplish tasks. Writing everything down on paper helps to control the feeling of being overwhelmed by it all and to organize and prioritize tasks, but it does not guarantee anything getting actually DONE. It is disheartening to find lists from a year ago, and see that some of the tasks on it are still not yet DONE. This can be quite depressing and discouraging and I try and not beat myself up to badly about this. Instead, I'm trying to focus on giving myself credit for what actually IS accomplished. Our weekends are usually a whirlwind of activities and working on PROJECTS, and though we usually don't accomplish all that we hope to, we do quite a bit. Instead of a TO-DO list of 300 tasks with only 10 crossed off, this is my DONE list for last weekend.

-daily chores of feeding and watering: 20 some layer hens + rooster, 9 chicks, 4 sheep + 6 lambs + 1 non-productive dairy goat, 1 weaner pig, 4 breeding ducks + 10 young ducks, 11 rabbits +2 baby bunnies, 2 quail, 3 barn cats and 1 geriatric farm dog
-washed many loads of laundry and dishes, swept and vacuumed, and cleaned bathroom
-finally decided where, and husband planted Mothers Day honeysuckle and put up trellis
-weeded garden and hilled potatoes
-weeded strawberry bed
-weeded and net blueberries (I forgot last year and we had no blueberries to freeze)
-husband weed wacked and fixed electric fence; we rotated sheep into new pasture
-slept on freshly laundered line-dried sheets (one of the small joys in life)
-made several trips to transit center -last one Sunday at midnight
-finished reading Old School by Tobias Wolff; husband went to watch Aquasox baseball game
-spent an entire evening simply talking with my family
-knit and spun a bit
-made waffles for Sunday morning breakfast
-pulled first turnips from the garden and cooked them in browned butter
-made a menu and shopped for groceries; we filled three cars with gas
-removed dead newborn bunny from next box; two healthy bunnies left
-cleaned rabbit trays
-cleaned duck houses
-planted tomatillo plants in garden
-made Dinners: Duck and Green Bean Curry with quail eggs (click here); Basque-style Shepherdess Lamb, macaroni salad with green relish, green garden salad and turnips in browned butter; fire-grilled pork chops with leftover salads and Greek Dressing and Yogurt Curry Dressing
-had fire in fire pit for relaxed outdoor dinner for just my husband and me (both exhausted after a day of gardening)
-made new cocktail: Strawberry Moon Mojito (click here)
-thought about this post of Jewel's at Applegarth Farm (click here). for several days. 'Home Cook' would be my best answer, followed by 'Farmer's Daughter' as my next best. And after reading this post (click here) I'm reminded of what a good story it is and am searching for our copy of Watership Down to reread.
-finished the weekend with an 8 egg flan!


  1. good golly, Miss Molly ~ I'm tired just reading all that you accomplished!

    let me know if you can't find your copy of Watership Down ~ I'll happily lend you mine (and I did find my Peter Mayle 'Provence' books if you'd still like to borrow those?)

    I'll add them to your box of empty jam jars and full honey jars for next time I see you ;)


  2. I love to do lists!!! I think you are my lost sister......(your list is awesome)

  3. Melissa -I couldn't find my copy so I made a trip to the library last night and checked one out. Despite my best intentions, I haven't been very good about getting myself to knitting events lately, but hopefully I will see you sometime soon.

    Swanski -We can form The Sisterhood of Listmakers!