Monday, November 22, 2010

Crafts and Cocktails

I am absolutely delighted with the adults that my nieces, nephews, and own three children have become. Knowing all of them, and being a part of their lives, is a constant joy and wonder to me. The two youngest in this photo will both graduate from high school this year and Sherecie, in the hat, is now an amazing knitter, and quickly on her way to becoming a phenomenal spinner.

She swears she doesn't text and drive, but I did catch her texting and spinning this weekend! She told me, "If I'm not eating, sleeping or working, I'm knitting." I don't think she's exaggerating! She's wonderfully enthusiastic and passionate about fiber, and like most really passionate knitters that I know, completely insane! She came for a farm visit this weekend, and brought her mom...

Shelly, The Dessert Queen, who is married to my youngest brother, and...

her sister, Aliesha, who spun on a wheel for the first time! We talked and ate, and talked and drank cocktails, and talked and worked on our crafts. It was so much fun! Sherecie finished a pair of knee hi socks she's been knitting (I wish I'd gotten a photo), showed off her new Lady Bug Spinning Wheel, and spun some Peruvian wool she'd bought. When the girls were young, I often would bring my kids and stay with them at the ranch (and later at the beach), or Shelly would drive up to our house in Everett. Shelly and I would quilt, Sherecie was always doing one kind of craft or another, the kids would play, we'd go on little adventures, cook great foods, talk, and just enjoy being together.

The big question is: What do you bake when the Dessert Queen comes for a visit? I decided to bake the Georgia Special Cake recipe, poking the cake after taking it out of the oven and pouring on the pineapple juice drained from the can of crushed pineapple. Yes, it was yummy! They brought Prosecco, red wine, a chocolate cake, chocolate, and chocolate covered edamames, and Sherecie gave me a knitting book. I love it; there's probably half a dozen projects I want to make in this book of a dozen knit handbags! Thanks-you, Thanks-you, Thank-you! I made a Pina Colada for Sherecie, and everyone had my version of a cosmopolitan for our crafts and cocktails night. It was so much fun, that I'm definitely going to make it an annual event from now on.

Country Cosmopolitan

Mix in a water glass (or a pint jar):

1 c. ice cubes

Cran-Raspberry juice (fill glass or jar 3/4 full)

1 1/2 oz. Absolut Vodka

1/2 oz. Raspberry Liqueur, homemade or Chateau Monet

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  1. The weekend was THE BEST!!! My kid's favorite memories are when we spent time together. One Halloween especially :) we laughed and shared memories all the way home... in the snow!! Yes, a yearly event for sure! Hopefully sooner, the cosmopolitans & desserts were wonderful! Thank you to you and your lovely family sharing your home & open arms!! XXOO