Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What's for Dinner?

It may sound incredibly odd (or pathetically lame), but for me, many of the most interesting conversations I have with anyone are about what they cook and eat at home. Not necessarily the Wow! things, but I find the everyday grind things interesting too, as well as what their mom made when the cupboard was bare, the first things they learned to cook, and what they cook for their families now. Last night, I made hash with chopped blue potatoes and red onions fried up with some diced leftover meats. Fry or boil an egg and plop it on top (or on the side), with or without ketchup, and that's dinner. Not fancy, but filling, inexpensive, quick and easy farm food for when it's cold outside.

For tonight, I put some pork country ribs in my crock-pot, added a leftover tablespoon of garlic butter from the French Onion Soup we made a couple nights back, and some homemade BBQ sauce that takes about two minutes to mix up. The ribs will cook all day (while I'm painting my bedroom, among other things), I'll buy some rolls and shred the meat for sandwiches, make a coleslaw, and Ta-Dah -dinner. If you read this, please comment. I really would love to know for tonight, yesterday or tomorrow -What's for dinner?


  1. Yeah hash!! I forgot about that one :) Didn't Mom grind up the onions & potatoes? Last night was takeout Chinese, tonight was tacos... tomorrow is too far away!! :) Luv ya girl!

  2. She did grind up everything -it's quicker when feeding 20 people. For us 3 though, a knife is easier to clean. I need something easy tonight -tacos sound perfect. Thanks!

  3. Lovely blog! Tonight like last night we had left overs! On Tuesday I made a big pot full of Ina Garten's White Chili. One of those meals that gets better with each warm up! I would love to hear more about your quick bbq sauce - those ribs cooking up in the crock pot look delicious!

    I live up the road in Skagit County, always enjoy discovering a local site! I think I found you by a comment you left on another blog I read. Your life sounds very peaceful!

  4. Thanks so much for your nice comments. White Chili, Yum! The BBQ sauce is a snap to make. I usually don't measure, but this is close to what I do: 1 c. ketchup, 1 T. Worcestershire Sauce, 2 T. brown sugar, 1/4 t. each garlic, salt and 1/8 t. black pepper. Taste and adjust. You can add all sorts of variations (Hoisin Sauce, red wine vinegar, Italian seasoning, hot sauce, etc.), but this is my husband's family's basic recipe -and it's amazing on chicken!

  5. Tonight's dinner was Vietnamese braised pork chops, stirfried nappa w/fermented bean curd (better than it sounds), rice, and pickled daikon. Oh and I made rapini with italian bacon (guanciale) because there was no more room in the veg bin. Went to farmers market today and stocked up for the week. Everything but the bean curd and spices was from the market.

    Mostly with this cooler weather, I've been making casseroles & stews: beef enchiladas and baked mac N cheese. Next on list is chile verde.

    I will try making your BBQ sauce someday soon. yum.

  6. Chili verde sounds really good -actually EVERYTHING you make sounds amazingly good (I want to come live at your house)! This time of year a lot of our veg is coming from the freezer, and last night was edamames, Mmmmmmm.