Tuesday, November 9, 2010

From Buckley to Baja

My cousin, Michelle lives in Buckley, an hour and a half drive from me. Yesterday, she brought her two little girls to visit. Last year, one of her little darlings wanted only two things for Christmas. One was a bunny, which absolutely melts my heart. Mom is holding firm though, and instead of having their own, she says they can come to my house and hold the bunnies here.

So they come to visit and hold the bunnies. Yesterday, they almost got their mom to take this one home. Almost, but not quite. My cousin has always lived near Seattle, but when we were kids she visited the ranch often. There is a symmetry to her bringing her girls to visit me now.

I got some good belly laughs while swinging with them: going high (but not too high because I might get scared), almost falling off the swing, and almost getting close enough to mom to get their mucky boots on her. For whatever reason, kids find this absolutely hilarious -moms not so much.

And we went to see the new lamb, of course. And of course, they wanted to pet it, but we didn't get even close to almost. Our mother's are sisters. My aunt lives in Eastern Washington, but comes over to visit her granddaughters often, and will be with them in just a few days. Her birthday was yesterday -Happy Birthday, Auntie Marilyn! I'm sending her the best hugs possible, grandchildren hugs. Our family is far-flung, but technology and travel keep us in touch.

My mom (in red) was part of an annual paella competition last week in Baja Mexico, and she sent me pictures. She bought this impressive 32" paella pan for the occasion. If you are inspired, Your Best Paella, is a weekly on-line contest with all the past winning paella recipes available. They ALL look really scrumptious (I'm thinking the Rabbit on the Range recipe is one I want to try, just don't tell the little girls).

This is Team Rattlesnake in action. They didn't win, but it sounds like they had quite an experience, and now mom knows the nuances of making paella.

Michelle says we should definitely make one with both our moms this summer when we all get together in August. Oh definitely, I say.

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