Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's Cold Outside

I love driving our 1970 VW bus around. Kids enthusiastically give it the peace sign and I drive it more mindfully than our other car. It is amazing how much stuff, or how many people, you can fit into one of these, and several bags of poultry feed or a bale of hay easily fit in the back. It is really, really fun for summer road trips, and for taking my booth stuff to the farmer's market -everything fits with tons of room to spare.

Yesterday, when I stepped outside to make a trip to the feed store in our trusty green machine, I noticed the cold was lingering past the usual morning chill and the reality, that driving a VW bus in the winter is exactly like driving a refrigerator down the road, hit me as it does every year at this time. Now, one of my few personal rules for here is no whining, ranting or venting, so I will simply note that it's cold outside -and not just in the mornings.

I went back inside and dug out my fingerless gloves from their warm weather storage. They are perfect for driving the VW bus around and keep my hands relatively warm, but they are not so good for feeding hay to the flock, as you can imagine. They are well received among the teen and young adults, if you are starting to think about knitting projects for gifts -tis the season after all. I've made half a dozen pair or so over the past few years, and will say on the plus side they use very little yarn, are very hip and are a very practical gift (my favorite kind). On the negative side, hands are like people, sizes and shapes vary, and I had to adjust and accommodate for mine to fit some vastly different ones. And then there are all those fingers to knit and join. That said, any glove pattern will work, I just add a bit of ribbing instead of finishing the fingertips.

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