Thursday, October 28, 2010

Two Gifts

I think surprise gifts are the best kind. Like our new lamb yesterday. Here he is out in the great big world for the first time. He was intrigued by the fence posts and everything else as he followed his mom around in the pasture.

And 800 yards of an ultrasoft, laceweight, single-ply wool yarn, handspun and handdyed, named Tabula Rasa ('blank slate'), I found on Etsy in Girl With A Sword Productions' shop (Check out her blog, Adventures in Wonderland).

Its purples and blues perfectly complement the blue yarn for my sweater project. "I don't think I have enough yarn." I worried after doing the math (twice) and knitting swatches of my blue yarn. "What do you mean -you have half a dozen sheep in the barn, how can you not have enough yarn?" asked my husband. Half a dozen sheep, lots of yarns, lots of fiber, but no more of this particular blend. I pondered this dilemma for several days.

This skein of yarn is the solution to the little glitch in my sweater knitting project. And how lovely -it came in the mail, wrapped as a gift! Knit together with my bulky blueberry blue yarn, it is the wee bit extra needed, to use a large-enough sized needle, to make the yardage I have, make the sweater I want.


  1. I think you very much deserve a wonderful blue sweater & I can't wait to watch the progress! :) do we have a name for your adorable little lamby?? Love, love, love your site!! Love & miss you more :)

  2. I don't have a name yet for lamby. Considering the lameness of his mother's name (her twin and her are indistinguishably Thing 1 and Thing 2) maybe its best if I don't name him....I love you commenting here and knowing that you look. Those Red Velvet Cupcakes have your name all over them -in my world you are indisputably the Dessert Queen, and all things sweet remind me of you! Love Always.