Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Scarlet and Gold Harvests

I love both the foods of fall and the colors of fall. I love all the scarlet found in nature this time of year: the scarlet of our vine maple tree,

the scarlet the leaves on the blueberry bushes turn, and the Scarlet Runner Beans I harvested.

A bit on the late side, but we'll have at least a few to store. I use them in cooking the same as I do pinto beans. In a perfect world, we would grow acres of these, store them, and then eat the dried beans we'd grown ourselves all winter long. Well, we don't live in a perfect world, so we just have this small amount, but I'm still pleased.

I love the Fall Gold Raspberries that are like a surprise gift that keeps on giving. I think the season is all over -but wait no, here's more berries!

And some more.

And it's another small harvest to put away in the freezer.

Our cat, Sunshine (I didn't name her, but the name does suit her) is our little Gold Angel-Demon kitty, so loving to us, but death to any small creatures hiding in the grass.

And more gold to harvest. Unpleasant fact and an unpleasant chore, but they were raised for the freezer and it is time.

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