Friday, April 8, 2011

More Sandwiches

I found Smart Duck's nest of eggs this afternoon. She hasn't been sitting on them yet, and my first thought was -egg salad sandwiches! This may sound mundane but trust me, it won't be!

I made the Italian-style meatball sandwiches for a hectic weekday dinner last week. They were as good as I thought they would be. We were hungry when we sat down to eat them and this was the 'hurry up, I want to eat!' photo I took before we tucked into them. The meatballs were made ahead and frozen, and the sauce was a combination of several containers of frozen odd-bits (tomato sauce, tomato paste, spaghetti sauce and a bit of pizza squeeze) which made putting this together a snap. Simply brown the meatballs, make a quick thick tomato sauce, combine and eat.

Today, I picked up a Vietnamese Banh Mi for lunch, and tonight I made myself a BLT -it's been a sandwich kind of day. I adore BLT's and even when made with the lamest of ingredients, I am still happy to eat one -I admit mine tonight wasn't stellar, but I am content. It was made with good bacon (though the two pieces I used were breakfast leftovers and had been in the fridge for several days, and in the freezer for over six months before that), homemade bread from earlier in the week (a bit on the stale side), pallid iceberg lettuce and hot house tomatoes (it's March and I wasn't expecting much from either), a thin slice of yellow onion, and Best Foods mayonnaise. Years ago, I worked as a cook in a cafe where I ate a BLT almost every single day for several months on end. True, I was pregnant for the first time, but all pregnancy aside, I still think a BLT is hard to beat. I have eaten some pretty mediocre BLTs, a few decidedly dreadful ones, but mostly I've made a lot of good, though not perfect, BLTs. I know how to make the perfect BLT -really I do- but in all honesty I never have actually done so. The perfect BLT is made with bacon fresh from the curing process (typically that's in October for us here), farmhouse bread made fresh the day before, tender lettuce from the garden (in the Spring), dead ripe and still warm from the vine sliced tomatoes grown in our own garden (in late Summer), and Walla Walla Sweet Onions just trucked over the mountains in the middle of summer. And Best Foods mayonnaise, of course. So I only dream of eating the perfect BLT, and I am content with what I have.


  1. my Vietnamese friend at work is going to get me my first Banh Mi when she goes to Chinatown this weekend or next....I was asking her where would be the best place to try my very first one and she said she'd stop at one of her favorite delis in the ID and bring one to work for me ~ I'm excited!

    I introduced her family to PB&J (and homemade blackberry jam!) and she's returning the favor ;)

  2. I love a good BLT too! I am waiting with anticipation for those ripe tomatoes from the garden (or farmer's market). Yum. I like to put arugula on mine. :O)