Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Monte Cristo Sandwich

When I first heard of Monte Cristo Sandwiches a couple years ago, I wasn't at all sure it was a good thing. It seems an unlikely combination, but the flavors work and it is really good. The sandwich is put together, then the whole thing is dipped into an egg mixture, as for French toast, and then cooked on a griddle. I always imagine the sandwich falling apart in the dipping process and making a huge mess so instead, this is how I make a Monte Cristo Sandwich: For each sandwich (multiply as needed), beat together 1 egg, dash each salt and cinnamon, 1 t. sugar and 2 T. milk. Dip to coat -but don't soak- two slices of bread in the egg mix, and then cook on a medium hot griddle with a bit of butter until golden, then turn and brown the second side. Spread mayonnaise (or not) and Dijon mustard on one slice of bread, and currant jelly (or jelly-style cranberry sauce) on the other slice. I layered on slices of deli turkey and ham, and Swiss (or Havarti) cheese, then closed and cut the sandwiches. I forgot the dusting of powdered sugar on top, which was fine for us grown-ups, but if you are serving these to children, it's NOT optional.

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