Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sherecie's Pygora Fleece Washing

Yesterday, it was typical for this time of year in the PNW: wet, muddy, gray and a bit dismal. Everyone is down in the dumps. But I was cheered up to find a surprise gift from my niece Sherecie in the mail. She wrote that she saw this cup and "knew you had to have it!" Isn't she wonderful? She is an amazing knitter, and is quickly becoming an amazing spinner. While I was drinking tea from my new cup for the first time, I remembered these photos of her first experience with washing a Pygora goat fleece she'd excitedly sent me awhile back. I'd ment to share them here ages ago.

Lovely Pygora fiber lock. In her e-mail, she described how her and her friend washed the fleece:

"First we removed the plant matter and 2nd-cuts from the fleece.

Then we put the good-stuff in mesh bags...

...and threw it into the washing machine.

We added some wool-wash and washed it once...

...and rinsed/spun-dry three times.

It is now in my basement, drying away! I also made a Raspberry-Pretzel Salad (Raspberry Pretzel Pie) yesterday and it made me think of family and being together. I love those kind of foods..."

Me too Sherecie. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for being your wonderful self!

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