Sunday, January 2, 2011

Size 13 to Size 1 Over the Holidays

US needle sizes that is -I've NEVER been a dress size one! Last fall, I knit myself a big blue sweater on size 13 needles and realized I LOVE bulky knitting, and decided my next project would also be on those very same needles. For my next bulky knitting project, I decided to knit my husband a sweater with a three ply lambswool I'd spun awhile ago and really like. There wasn't quite enough though, so I spun a contrast yarn using rovings from my ram, Paris. After spinning the yarn, I then chose a pattern, A Vogue classic Men's Ribbed Pullover. Of course, it was not designed for a bulky yarn.

I loath this step of the project: figuring out the math when adapting a pattern to a different yarn and needle size -which is usually the case when using handspun yarns. Measuring from a sweater that fits for a pattern and then knitting a gauge (or two or three) and crunching the numbers is essential for success, boring as it may be.

I like this step of the project: knitting happily along...

...until it's finished.

And I love this part: a sweater I've knit by hand finished, and worn by the person I made it for.

When I finished my husband's sweater mid-holiday, I downsized and knit myself a pair of (not technically fingerless, because they have fingers, but without the tips, so what are they called then, open-fingered?) gloves on US size 1 needles (I probably should have used needles one size smaller) using the yarn from the knitting guild's gift exchange, a baby blue alpaca-wool blend. And my current project? A handbag/backpack knit with a bulky single. I'm loving it!


  1. Your sweater looks fabulous! Your fingerless gloves are very pretty. I am very partial to tiny needle knitting :)

  2. Argh - I got behind on your blog and almost missed everything. Wow - you've been busy. The sweater is fantastic! And I'm so jealous you have baby lambs and bunnies and chicks and how on earth did you make the Santa hats look so real on those chickens?!?

    Happy New Year!

  3. Santa hats on the chickens (and goat) was done with photoshop-type magic by a teenager and a computer. She made these last year for our holiday cards -is that cheating?