Wednesday, September 22, 2010


We start harvesting lettuces in May; strawberries and spinach in June; garlic in July;

probably close to 200 lbs total of 4 types of potatoes in August;

cucumbers for making pickles, blackberries for making jam, and the pig went to the butcher in September;

the meat chickens and more rabbits will be in October;

and lamb and winter squash before November. Each harvest is its own seasonal celebration for us, plus our hard work puts a lot of great food in the freezer with more sealed up in jars in the pantry. We eat local and seasonal, in the truest sense, all year round and are harvesting almost half of the year. A picture in the paper yesterday (click here) , Holding fast to the farm life, reminded me that fall is the season for harvest celebrations and despite the lousy gardening year we've had -we have a lot to celebrate. It's easy to take any lifestyle for granted but I can't help thinking while doing chores most mornings, how truly lucky I am living this life that I do. I am blessed and every day (and most meals) are a celebration of our lifestyle -which I don't take for granted.

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