Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pear Vanilla Jam Love

I made a half batch of this Pear Vanilla Jam (click here) recipe posted on Food in Jars, and I must tell you, this jam is everything I thought it would be and more. In this jam, the very delicate, yet pervasive and distinctive, flavor and scent of vanilla is coupled perfectly with the understatedness of the flavor of pears. I am so in love with this jam.

It yielded a small number of jars, which is usually best when trying out a new jam recipe, but not in this case. Yesterday, I ordered some vanilla beans on-line (Thanks Nicole!) from -five beans delivered via the postal service for about the same price as one bean at our local grocery store. I am now rather impatiently waiting for my vanilla beans to arrive so I can make more of this jam -a lot more.

I polished off the odd bit that I hadn't sealed in a jar on my breakfast toast the morning after making this jam. I am ashamed to say that this jam is so good that the thought momentarily crossed my mind to hide away the few remaining jars for my own personal jam stash and not share, but I had announced repeatedly and profusely to my family that this new jam I was making promised to be heaven in a jam jar, so I did open a jar to share, which we soon polished off. I also sent my son and daughter not living at home each a jar as partial atonement for my selfish thoughts. There are only two jars left now, so I hope the vanilla bean package comes soon. Though, I will admit, I am the only one who knows exactly where those two jars were put!

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  1. I actually imagined I smelled the aroma when I read your post ~ I'm sure your house smelled wonderful!