Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Blogs have followers, and surprisingly, besides supportive family members, I have followers who are people I have never met! It is a fact of our ever-shrinking, wired world, that even someone like myself, living on a small farm and not getting out much, will be connected to people all over the world, and will see the devastation of a disaster as it happens in another part of the world. The rest of the world is closely following the struggle of the people of Japan -strangers we see in video clips, as well as those we know and love- as they deal with their losses and reestablish order from the mayhem. These past few days, as my heart goes out to all the people in Japan affected by this, I can't help but worry about my follower, Chihiro. Chihiro, are you safe? My thoughts are with you and your family.


  1. Oh,it is very very kind of you to say so....I haven't noticed this post! I'm so sorry.

    You know, we had the awful earthquake. Never have I seen such an awful TSUNAMI. Luckily my family and I are safe even my relatives and friends who lives in devastated area.

    We Japanese lost too many people's life, family, house, friends...Besides we have a nuclear plant trouble.
    I don't feel like doing anything naturally yet.

    I'm appreciate that American army has been helping us. Surely, we will get over this difficulty.

  2. Chihiro, It is such a relief to hear you and those you love are safe! I have been thinking about you since hearing of the earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. Know our thoughts and hearts are with the people of Japan during this time of so many difficulties.