Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March Lambs

Smart Duck supervising one of the ewes returning from taking all four lambs out for an early morning graze, and leaving the other adults to enjoy a few moments of peace and quiet without the wild ones.

The lambs and the lone ewe stuck with childcare duty return to join Paris, the hulking ram beast, and impatiently wait for their morning alfalfa hay just outside the barn door.

The lambs are so incredibly cute now, midway between baby lambs and not yet sheep. They are out grazing everyday now -and I can't wait until we can stop buying and feeding alfalfa hay. Several wool producers have told me they fed alfalfa pellets instead of alfalfa hay this winter -more expensive, but less waste and less mess- and I'll mull that option over in my brain between now and next winter. For now, I'm simply willing the grass to grow, and gearing up for spring barn cleaning.

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  1. The lambs are adorable. I find it fun to watch how a lone ewe will be with the little ones, while the others rest. Our beef cows do that too. I guess we all deserve a respite from time to time. Pam