Thursday, August 26, 2010

Daily Walk

One of the really great things about where we live is that it is a great place for walking. I try to walk every day, usually this same three mile loop. Sometimes, I will see deer and other wildlife crossing the road here, or a woodpecker, hawk, or owl up in the trees.

Yesterday, I noticed that the blackberries are getting ripe. My son has been wanting a blackberry pie and I have been giving him daily reports on the state of the berries and the likelihood of a blackberry pie appearing in our kitchen soon.

I love seeing all the different animals on my walk. I have watched this dog over the past year grow up and go through the various stages of her puppyhood. She is an absolute sweetheart and is always delighted to see me.

This is Daisy and Dolly. I met their owners while walking one day and they told me the donkey's names. My kids absolutely adore the donkeys. Around the corner...

...are the recently shorn alpacas. Or are they llamas? (I think they're llamas)

There are quite a few horses in my neighborhood. Two of my favorites are this gorgeous black creature,

and this little foal, who is pretty cute though he no longer has his adorable bottle brush tail.

Black Angus cows are raised across the road from...

...Wendy's sheep. I've stopped and chatted with her a few times about raising goats, sheep and poultry, and gardening and rural living. For more about her and her farm (click here).

The pond is empty this time of year but in the spring it is full of ducks, frogs and an occasional blue heron. The ducks try, rather unsuccessfully, to raise their ducklings here. The cars, dogs and predators make it very difficult for them to survive.

And I'm almost home. I really enjoy my walks and all the animals in the neighborhood. I am so very fortunate to be living this life.


  1. What a gorgeous walk!! I love popping into your daily life :) "what's for dinner at Tami's??" You are an amazing sister & miss you tons!

  2. I wish you lived next door and could come to dinner and then go walking with me! This is the next best thing though -and I love you popping into my life in any way!