Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Smart Duck and Miss Piggy

This is smart duck -our only Muscovy duck to elude the marauding coyote that has decimated our poultry population over the past few months. The coyote dug into the chicken tractor and killed our two geriatric hens, including Violet, a beloved pet we've had since the kids were young. We also lost a breeding pair of Saxony ducks, a breeding trio of geese, half a dozen Muscovy ducks -and a turkey hen just a few nights ago. We have put the remaining breeding pair of turkeys in a room in the chicken house and they will have to stay there until we are rid of the coyote.

This is Miss Piggy. She is quite rambunctious.

The two are friends. Maybe Miss Piggy protects Smart Duck from the coyote. Then again, maybe Smart Duck just likes to eat the pig food. Miss Piggy does like her company though.

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