Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Stealing Gifts

Aren't these just the cutest little dish towels ever? My aunt and grandmother had some just like these when I was a girl, and I just love them. I got them Thursday night at my spinning guild's holiday gift exchange (everyone brings a wrapped gift, and when it's your turn, you either pick a wrapped gift to open, or take/steal a gift someone else has opened, and they then chose another). I actually 'stole' them from a very nice woman when it was my turn to choose. Last night was the holiday party for the company my husband works for, a cruise in Seattle aboard The Champagne Lady, where they also had a gift exchange. We got (or rather I 'stole' again from one of his very nice co-workers) a large box of See's chocolates. Tonight is the local knitting guild's holiday party and gift exchange, and I'm really looking forward to stealing something nice from some other very nice person.

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