Thursday, December 15, 2011


As with favorite books and family photo albums, this time of year it's fun to go back and look at a few of the old ones. Favorite posts this week are:

Baby Bunnies (click here), Little Big Guy (click here), Christmas Memories with Recipes: Sugar Cookies (click here), and Noel Balls, Mexican Wedding Cookies... (click here). And Home Made French Fries (click here).

New twin boy lambs born today. I spotted a lone sheep in the middle of the pasture coming home from work today (luckily it was early and still light) and when I slowed to observe her (a lone sheep is not normal) I spotted a cream colored unmoving thing. I was sure that it was a dead lamb. By the time I parked and trotted out to her to check, there was also a black unmoving thing -two lambs just born! They are now all three in the barn moving about and making the bleating and nickering noises of newborn lambs and their mother bonding. It is one of my favorite things about having sheep.


  1. Thank goodness you were there to help them out. Divine providence for sure.

  2. The little Big Guy photographs are very cute, how lucky to have a Bogof this year, Buy One Get One Free. I would love to see a photograph of the Twins :)